Haircare products from Washington Pharmacy including Mason Pearson

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Mason Pearson Handy Size Nylon & Bristle BN3
This boar bristle and nylon mix brush is best for normal to thick hair, with 6 rings of pure bris..
Mason Pearson Small Extra Size Pure Bristle B2
This boar bristle brush is best for fine hair, with 7 rings of extra stiff pure bristle tufts to ..
Mason Pearson Pocket Size Pure Bristle B4
Boar Bristle Pocket Bristle 5 rings of bristle tufts from Mason Pearson UK..
Mason Pearson Handy Size Pure Bristle B3
Boar Bristle Handy Size Handy Bristle B3 6 rings of stiff bristle tufts..
Mason Pearson Large Extra Size Pure Bristle B1
Boar Bristle Size Large Extra B1, 8 rings of extra stiff bristle tufts..
Mason Pearson Pocket Size Nylon & Bristle BN4
Boar Pocket Bristle Nylon 5 rings of bristle & nylon tufts from mason pearson UK..
Mason Pearson Junior Size Nylon & Bristle BN2
Boar Bristle Nylon Medium Junior BN2 7 rings of of bristle & nylon tufts..
Mason Pearson Popular Size Nylon & Bristle BN1
Boar Bristle 7 Nylon Large Popular BN1 8 rings of of bristle & nylon tufts..